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News from the 2019 AHA Convention

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

November 13-16 delegates from Arabian Horse clubs from all over the country met at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Tulsa for the AHA Convention.

Shown above, Region 8 delegates from AHANM, Jim Porcher, Rusty Cook, Mariah Wilson and Mark Goff with Goldie, icon for the Arabian Horses for Humanity project.

For two weeks prior to the convention, two statues from Arabian Horses For Humanity graced the lobby of the Hyatt. Golide, the original golden statue which kicked off the Horses For Humanity project in 2016, was joined by Salute, the most recent statue to be completed by Region 10. Both statues started out the month at the US National Championship show, then made their way downtown where they were displayed along with information about the Arabian horse and the two statues proved a popular site for photo ops!

CAHC members Liz Wheeler, Grace Rushing, Kathy Scott and Trisha Swift pose with Salute (Region 10's Horse for Humanity project)

In addition to attending Regional and committee meetings, the delegates were presented with 19 resolutions to consider. Thirteen of these resolutions were passed (some in a revised form), five were withdrawn and 1 was referred for additional work. You can find the results of all that action on the AHA website, but it takes a little digging, so to save you some time, you can find a link to that page on the AHA site on the Region 8 homepage.

The annual convention is also a time for recognizing the valuable contributions that so many people make to the Arabian breed. This year, Region 8 presented Jim Hitt (Colorado Arabian Horse Club) and Gary Martinez (Half-Arabian and Amateur Horse Association) with the 2019 Volunteer of the Year Awards.

Jim Hitt and Gary Martinez, 2019 Region 8 Volunteer of the Year recipients.

Also Region 8 delegates elected members of the Executive Committee that will be serving from 2021-2022. John Simmons (currently Region 8 treasurer) was elected as Region 8 Director and Jim Porcher will continue to serve as Vice-Director. Liz Wheeler will take over as Region 8 Secretary and current Director, Mark Goff, will fill the duties of Treasurer and Past Director.

Thanks to everyone that attended the convention and we hope that everyone will consider participating in 2020!

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