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Region 8 Youth Director, Brooke Hofmann

As the first update of 2020, it seems like a great time to introduce our new Region 8 director, Brooke Hofmann from Leawood, KS. How did Brooke become involved in Arabian horses?

Says Brooke’ “I was born in Denver, Colorado, but when I was six years old I moved to North Carolina. I never had an interest in horses until, when I was nine years old, I moved to Kansas and I randomly decided that I wanted to ride horses. Luckily, a friend of my moms rode horses at Clanton Performance Horses, so we went to the same place she did. Before that, the only ever time I had ever ridden a horse was when I was little— at some fair where you can ride the little pony.

Arabian Horse Region 8 Youth Director Brooke Hofmann
This was my first show with one of the lesson horses at my barn. Her name is Mae.

Since becoming the Region 8 Youth Director, I now understand more about the behind the scenes of what goes on. I want to see the Region 8 youth educate people on the Arabian breed and get other kids involved. In addition, I’m really excited to get more youth involved with their region and other boards. The more people we have helping out, the more ideas we can use for events and fundraisers. The Youth of Region 8 have a Facebook page AHA Region 8 Youth and an Instagram account you can follow at @region8_youth so there’s lots of ways to be connected. And please feel free to email me at!

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